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TroyResearch is a full service pioneer and global leader in online quantitative consumer and B2B market research.
Since 1997 our team has completed over 10 million online surveys, in 16 languages and 25 countries. Read more...

About TroyResearch

We serve retail consumer, B2B manufacturing and service organizations, media and entertainment companies, advertising and marketing agencies, trade organizations and growing entrepreneurial firms. Our industry experience includes consumer packaged goods, health care, high-tech, travel, retail, media, and tourism/travel.

With the belief that online and multimodal surveys would be the most efficient and effective tool for gathering customer opinion research, Bill Troy founded the first ever Internet-based media research company in 1997. Bill's insight was right on target. Due to our ingenuity and commitment to the success of our clients, we work for some of the world's most recognized brands. Put our deep experience to work on your biggest challenges.

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Radio Research

Music and Perceptual Research for Radio

Radio station programmers need to create exceptional programming to deliver ratings, revenue and profit goals. As researchers, we become part of your radio programming team to provide you with quality listener research data that guides your decision making so it lives up to, and even leads, your listeners' expectations. Our comprehensive services for radio include:

  • Weekly Music Tracking
  • Online Library Testing
  • Full Market Studies
  • Morning Show Studies
  • Music Positioning Studies
  • Format Searches

Bill Troy invented online research techniques for radio in the late 90's. We continue fielding millions of surveys annually. TroyResearch is eager to join your team.

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Media Sales

BAS / New Business Development made easy

A TroyResearch Brand Awareness Study is a web-based top of mind awareness study of 30 business categories fielded in a local media market. It is a market-exclusive tool that generates meetings, leads and sales like nothing else. Sales teams using Brand Awareness Studies routinely generate $300,000 to $500,000 in sales from new clients.

Conducted with a client’s own audience or with a market-wide sampling approach, a Brand Awareness Study shows businesses how effective their marketing is compared to their competitors. Your sales team is armed with valuable data that will spur meaningful meetings with dozens–or even hundreds–of business owners.

TroyResearch Brand Awareness Studies have made believers out of sales managers in market after market. We'd be happy to let you talk to them and hear about the power of this tool yourself.

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Travel and Tourism

Turn up your turnstile

For 20 years, TroyResearch has been an invaluable partner for tourist attractions, sports franchises, and outdoor activities. We've helped owners increase attendance and customer satisfaction by tracking attendee opinions and testing ideas for new offerings.

From one-time snapshot studies to ongoing customer experience surveys, TroyResearch is a key part of the success of many leaders in tourism and travel industry.

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Consumer Goods and Services

Get answers quickly and reliably

Consumer tastes change quickly. We can help you stay on top of those changes. We have experience in a wide variety of industries and situations, including:

  • Ad testing and tracking
  • Brand awareness and perception
  • Concept testing
  • Market segmentation
  • Employee and customer satisfaction
  • Positioning
  • New product testing
  • Shopping habits

We’ve helped national and global brands get the answers they need to move forward confidently. Let us help you get your own answers today.

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